Pump Test Stand Basic | MSD-PTS-BASIC-40//75/100

Pump Test Stand BASIC | MSD-PTS-Basic

Large drained work surface, approximately 54” wide X 21” deep.


The pump test stand can be set up to test open and closed loop pump, and open and closed loop motors. We can build a stand that can test a hydrostatic pump and motor together.


Safety features: drive coupler set back, integral test stand lighting, side panel control location, safety glass view port, and work table oil drain system.

Pump Test Stand BASIC | MSD-PTS

The MSD-PTS-BASIC can test: vane pumps, piston pumps, any rotary pumps working in an open loop system, or any pump up to its technical specifications. It cannot test hydrostatic pumps.

PTS – Data Collection | MSD-DC

PTS Data Collection | MSD-DC
PTS Data Collection | MSD-DC Screen

The MSD-DC is an 8-channel, remote access data acquisition logger with a full-color, 5 inch touchscreen interface for real-time monitoring.