Brace Tools

Use our brace tools as anchor points when with our Nut Buster® during removing and/or replacing nuts, glands, etc. The adjustable brace tool captures clevises by using a threaded shaft to move brace supports tight against the clevis thus reducing bearing damage and is recommended for high torque nuts and shafts.

Adjustable Brace Tools | MSD-ABT, MSD-ABT-40K/50K, MSD-ABT-70K/100K

Standard & Heavy Duty ABT 16.5” | MSD-ABT-S165 | MSD-ABT-H165

Fixed Brace Tool | MSD-BT

Fixed Brace Tool | MSD-BT

Brace Tool 15.75 | MSD-BT-15.75

Brace Tool 15.75 | MSD-BT-1575​

Brace Tool 19.5 SL | MSD-BT-19.5-SL

Brace Tool 19.5 SL | MSD-BT-19.5​-SL

Vertical Brace Tool | MSD-VBT, MSD-VBTET

Vertical Brace Tool | MSD VBT